Sunday, 11 February 2018

Dante's lunch recount

Dante the dog. He has no fur. He has golden brown skin and light brown eyes. He has one broken ear and a bendy tail. He is looking for some food in the rubbish. He looks hungry. He licks his face with his long pink tounge because he sees a human bone. The sunset was shining on his body and it made him look golden. The bone donged his head and he moved back and then the bone ran away and the dog chased it. He went off the roof and caught the bone when he fell in the flowers. He jumped out of the trailer and tried to walk. He was walking funny and then he got it and the bone tried to leave his mouth. He wrapped his tounge around it and he went through a fence, a shop and then he came out wearing a wrestling mask with cactus prickles on him. A skeleton man picked up the bone and put it back on his wrist and then the dog looked at his feet, his hands and his shoulders and he dribbled. He was biting the mans leg and wagging his tail.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Ti Uru - Kordell

We are learning about indigenous games. This is about Ti Uru