Sunday, 10 September 2017

WALT edit a story to make it better

The big town of Hamelin was a gorgeous town. 1 million people lived there and it was a really cool place to live.

Unfortunately, they found that the town was suffering from a wicked plague of rats. The town council tried everything to get rid of them, but they couldn’t. At last, the mayor promised a humongous reward to anybody who could get rid of all the rats.

A stranger dressed in bright clothes arrived and said he could get rid of all the rats in Hamelin. He was wearing a big fluffy hat and long blue coat. That night, the stranger started  play a tune on his flute. All the rats came out of the disgusting houses and buildings and into the river, where they drowned.

The mayor would not pay the piper cause he said that playing a flute was not good enough to get a reward. The piper was angry because he got rid of the rats. The mayor told the piper to leave Hamelin.

Then one day the piper came back one day, and started to play his flute. This time, all the children followed him, and he left the village towards the mountains. Suddenly, a cave opened in the slippery mountain and the piper and all the children went in. The cave closed behind them and the children were never seen again in Hamelin.

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